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Q: What is IslandImagined.ca?
IslandImagined.ca is a website that tells the story of Prince Edward Island through maps and provides access to cartographic materials (maps, plans, gazetteers, atlases, and books) from the collections of the Public Archives of Prince Edward Island, the Prince Edward Island Museum and Heritage Foundation, and the Robertson Library, University of Prince Edward Island.
Q: Do Ineed permission to use the content on the IslandImagined website?
Materials on the IslandImagined.ca website are provided for research, education, and private use only. For all other uses, please contact the contributing institution.
Q: How was this project funded?
Project funding was secured through the Archival Community Digitization Program and we acknowledge the financial support of the Department of Canadian Heritage through the Canadian Culture Online Program. The partners also provided the content, funding, space, equipment, human resources and expertise.
Q: Who can I contact for more information?

Please contact Donald Moses, IslandImagined Project Manager, for further information.


From the Prince Edward Island Magazine

  • Burke, A. E. (1899, October). Jacques Cartier's first voyage and the landing at Cascumpec. Prince Edward Island Magzine. 1(8), 294-298.
  • Prince Edward Island in 1765. (1901, June). Prince Edward Island Magazine. 3(4), 121-126.
  • Prince Edward Island in 1765 - Continued. (1901, July). Prince Edward Island Magazine. 3(5), 169-172.

From the Island Magazine

Online Books

Place-names of Prince Edward Island
Douglas, R., & Geographic Board of Canada. (1925). Place-names of Prince Edward Island with meanings. Ottawa: F. A. Acland, Printer to the King.
Geographical Names of Prince Edward Island by Rayburn
Rayburn, A., & Canadian Permanent Committee on Geographical Names. (1973). Geographical names of Prince Edward Island. Ottawa: Information Canada.
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    Reproduced with the permission of Natural Resources Canada 2010. For research and study purposes only. For all other uses, please contact the rights holders.  
The Life and Times of Major Samuel Holland
Chipman, W. (1924). The Life and Times of Major Samuel Holland, Surveyor-General, 1764-1801. Reprint from the  Ontario Historical Society Papers and Records XXI.
Official Moter Guide of Prince Edward island
Official motor guide of Prince Edward Island. (1928).
Autombile Routes with Road Map and Mileage Chart
Automobile routes with road map and mileage chart. (1935).